Holistic Type II Diabetes Treatment in Oakland CA Helps Patients Reverse the Disease

Someone who has been diagnosed with Type II diabetes may feel frustrated with the treatment offered by conventional medical practitioners. Medical doctors do generally recommend a change in diet, an increase in exercise, and a weight-loss program if the patient is overweight. However, chronic high blood sugar usually is treated with prescription medication that can have side effects. When it comes to a more holistic Type II Diabetes Treatment in Oakland CA residents have options available.

Conventional Medicine

The view in conventional medicine is that prediabetes can be managed and even reversed with diet and exercise, but that Type II diabetes tends to be a permanent condition. Medical doctors will be very reluctant to take a patient off prescription blood sugar medication once this treatment starts. They may be aware of the research showing that Type II diabetes actually is reversible, but they often do not approach it from this direction.

Holistic Practitioners

The patient may find more satisfaction with help from alternative and complementary practitioners, such as chiropractors and naturopathic doctors. An organization like Stop Diabetes can be the answer this patient has been looking for. For holistic Type II Diabetes Treatment Oakland CA residents want practitioners to help them become healthy again. They want their body to stop resisting insulin produced by the pancreas and to begin using it effectively again without prescription medication.

Relevant Research

Research can be found online that addresses the subject of reversing Type II diabetes. A study published in the journal Diabetes Care in 2013, for instance, discusses positive results when diabetics begin a very low-calorie diet and maintain it for a specific amount of time, such as 8 weeks. This changes processes within the body and also helps an overweight person quickly lose some fat content. An increase in exercise also is highly recommended since vigorous activity reduces blood sugar levels.

Weight loss often is the most important factor in reversing diabetes. A lower-calorie, healthier diet allows most people to accomplish this. Exercise is important but generally not as effective for weight loss because so much activity is needed to burn one day’s worth of caloric intake. To begin the goal of reversing the disease, visit stopdiabetes.health.

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