Homes in Chicago: Benefits of Installing a Detached Garage at Home

You’re thinking of installing a detached garage but aren’t sure if this is right for you. The following are some benefits of choosing this type of garage over other options you’re considering.

Smart Space Usage

One thing you’re going to love about a detached garage is you can use your land more effectively. If it’s attached, you don’t have many options regarding how to install your garage. Detached garages can be installed at an angle or behind your house. All you have to do is tell your garage builder in Chicago what you want.

Modern Look

The attached garage has a traditional look, but if you don’t want that, then the detached option is your best bet. The detached garage is considered more modern, especially if you do something unexpected like telling the garage builder in Chicago to install it at an angle or facing your house. You’ll be surprised how interesting your home will look with a more modern touch.


An attached garage gives access to your main house. This means a burglar could compromise your garage door and gain access to your house. Now, you can definitely install some safety features if you want an attached garage door, but if you want to worry less, then a detached garage is best. This gives no access to your main house and still looks great.

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