How A Car Accident Attorney Knoxville Can Help You

A Car Accident Attorney in Knoxville will advise of your options in terms of collection compensation for auto repair and medical expenses. A lawyer within this field of practice can additionally defend you if you are falsely accused of causing an automobile accident. Consulting your preferred attorney will allow you to comprehend your rights in these matters and allow you to proceed based on your legal options.

Do You Have a Police Report?

The first point of contact at any time you are involved in a car accident is the police or high patrol. The officer will determine fault if possible based upon the testimony of all parties involved. In some instances, a driver involved in a car accident will leave the scene of the accident. This is illegal and if this occurs you or other drivers involved should attempt to get the license plate number. If law enforcement is not called upon the scene, there will not be a record of the accident.

Leaving the Scene

You should provide your preferred lawyer with as many details as possible about the other driver, especially if they fled the scene. Fleeing the scene as well as hit and run accident are criminal charges. You should also provide your attorney with contact information for any witnesses who were present. The police report will provide this information and allow your attorney to submit subpoena these witness when your case goes to trial.

The Trial

Your preferred car accident attorney will explain the trial process concerning your particular case. He or she explains each detail related to your case to ensure that you understand. If a settlement is offered you will receive notification of this value to establish whether it is acceptable.

Andrew E. Farmer

The Law Offices of Andrew E. Farmer provide legal services to residents of Knoxville and surrounding counties. The Car Accident Attorney Knoxville can advise you in matters that involve automobile accidents and personal injury-related cases. The law office additionally provides legal representation for criminal, divorce, bankruptcy, and worker’s compensation cases. If you live within the Knoxville or nearby areas, you can contact Andrew E. Farmer locally to learn about the legal services he provides.

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