How a Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney In Olympia WA Helps When People Finally Make the Decision

To schedule a free initial consultation with a Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney In Olympia WA, a man or woman can contact the lawyer by phone. Phone numbers should be available on the lawyer’s website. The person seeking legal help should bring a list of outstanding obligations and information about income.

Waiting Until the Last Moment

Many bankruptcy lawyers offer same-day or next-day appointments, as well as consultations in the evening and even on weekends. They know that many people wait until the last moment to declare bankruptcy before a disaster happens.

These individuals hate the thought of filing, but they are facing imminent foreclosure, vehicle repossession or a lawsuit filed on behalf of a credit card company. Now, they need fast action from a Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney In Olympia WA. As soon as a lawyer such as Rafal Gorski files the documents with the court, all creditors must cease their collections activity or risk a contempt of court charge.

Money Problems Lead to Serious Stress

Money problems are recognized as a common cause of serious stress that can even have a negative impact on a person’s health. Constant worry and anxiety are hard on the body as well as the emotions.

A Fresh Start

This form of debt relief is intended to help U.S. residents make a fresh start, primarily through either of two programs. Chapter 13 allows these individuals to set up a payment arrangement lasting up to five years, during which time they make one combined payment that a trustee distributes to their various creditors. Chapter 7 involves liquidation of many assets to pay creditors back as much as possible, after which the rest of the debt is erased. Not everyone can afford Chapter 13, so Chapter 7 is offered as an alternative.

By the time a man or woman contacts a bankruptcy lawyer, this person typically has a very unmanageable debt load that may include credit cards, medical expenses, personal loans, vehicle financing and arrears on a mortgage. Although most people try hard to resolve the problem without legal help, they will feel significant relief from stress when they finally make the decision.

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