How a Los Angeles Private Investigator Can Help You Reduce Your Alimony Requirements

Divorce proceedings are not always amicable, especially when alimony is involved. If you are divorced and are trying to get the amount of your alimony reduced, it can be difficult to prove it is warranted in a court of law. One of the best ways to ensure you get your alimony reduced to an amount that is more affordable to you and is fair to your ex-spouse is to hire a Los Angeles private investigator. The investigation he can provide will help you uncover the reasons a judge would approve to lower your payments.

Change in Income

If you know or suspect your ex-spouse’s income has changed since your original alimony ruling, you can have an investigator find out the truth for you. A few of the situations that might occur include your ex-spouse obtaining a new job with a higher income than when you originally got divorced or he could be getting paid in cash. If he is being paid in cash, there is no concrete way to prove he is receiving it without an investigation that can provide legal evidence of the receipt of cash.

Starts a New Business

If your ex claims he is unable to obtain a job and you are forced to pay alimony, yet you find out he has started his own business out of the house, you might be eligible for a reduction. A Los Angeles private investigator has ways to find out if your ex truly has started a business. He will also be able to find out the necessary details to help you get a modification in court.

Change in Residence

When you are paying alimony, it is to help your ex-spouse support the lifestyle he led while married to you. If your ex suddenly finds someone else to become romantically involved with, it typically doesn’t affect the amount of alimony you must pay. If the new lover moves into his home and contributes financially to the mortgage or other bills your alimony pays, you might be eligible for a reduction. An investigator can uncover this truth for you to help you prove it in court.

Alimony is a necessity for many divorced couples, but since circumstances change, so can the amount you are required to pay. If you suspect your ex is being less than honest about the changes in his life that could reduce your responsibilities, it is best to hire a Los Angeles private investigator to give you the solid proof you need to take to court.

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