How a Neck Lift Can Make You Look Younger

Most individuals know that facelift procedures are performed to give a person’s face a more youthful appearance. Many people are surprised when they see the terrific results following just a neck lift in Glenview. This plastic surgery option can make individuals look younger by tightening up loose skin folds. This procedure is typically done on men and women who are more mature in age. However, more individuals are having this done today following a significant loss of weight. This cosmetic procedure also helps hide any wrinkles and lines that develop on the neck region.

In addition to undergoing a neck lift by a Glenview plastic surgeon, many mature individuals also opt to undergo either a traditional or mini-facelift at the same time. Doing this can maximize the beautiful end results that can be truly amazing. Another great benefit of undergoing this sort of cosmetic procedure on the neck area is that people feel more confident in their appearance again. As a result, many individuals find that they look and feel better wearing lower cut tops, shirts or dresses. Before determining if a neck lift is right for you, it is wise to consult with a competent plastic surgeon for an evaluation first.

When the weather becomes warmer, most individuals tend to wear lightweight clothing styles that expose more skin. Aging ladies and gentlemen often are embarrassed to show their necks and upper chest areas if they have sagging skin and/or deep creases or wrinkles in this region. Getting a cosmetic neck lift at a Glenview plastic surgery center has become popular for area residents. A prestigious local plastic surgeon is known to perform excellent cosmetic work that can transform a person from the inside out by improving self-esteem. Contact Adam J. Cohen, MD by phone or via

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