How A New Subaru Impreza In Joliet Could Change Your Life

Everyone seems to be a fan of Subaru because of many reasons. There are many options available, which can make it tough to choose just one. However, a new Impreza in Joliet could be exactly what you want and need. It’s got some of the best fuel economy and is practical. Likewise, it has an all-wheel drive that works all the time, and so much more going for it.

Full-Time AWD

Most vehicles on the road boast of all-wheel drive, but it only works when it has to do so. Primarily, they do it because highway driving doesn’t require full-time AWD, and when it is disconnected, you may have better fuel economy. However, a system like that is usually hit-or-miss when it’s important to have because of delays in sending the power. However, this brand uses an ingenious system that runs AWD all the time with more balance. Because the system is always activated, both axles receive the same power.


It doesn’t matter which model you select, you will still have practicality. However, the Impreza offers some of the best visibility, roomy trunks to hold your items, and enough legroom for even the tallest adults.

Fuel Economy

Everyone’s extremely focused on how well the vehicle performs, but also how often they have to stop for gasoline. Full-time AWD usually means that the car itself costs more, but it uses more gas. FWD vehicles can usually claim up to 40 MPG on the highway, but this car still comes up with 37 MPG on the highway. Therefore, you can still get an inexpensive vehicle with excellent fuel economy from a brand you trust.

A new Subaru Impreza in Joliet can give you everything you need in a sporty vehicle along with the options of an SUV. Visit Hawk Subaru at

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