How a Sedation Dentist in Lincoln Park Can Help You Relax

For many people, going to the dentist causes an intense fear that prevents them from receiving proper dental care. Many people ignore their need to see the dentist and simply deal with whatever dental issues they have. Some people who are afraid of the dental procedures can benefit from seeing a sedation dentist Lincoln Park. There are several ways this type of dentist can help you.

Inhaled Sedation

Inhaled sedation, or laughing gas as many people know it, is nitrous oxide combined with oxygen. The simple procedure to provide inhaled sedation involves placing a mask over your face and inhaling the sedation medicine. The dentist is in control of how much medicine you receive and will monitor your state as you begin to relax. Because this form of sedation does not last long, there is no required recovery period.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation given by a sedation dentist in Lincoln Park involves taking a pill the dentist prescribes before the procedure. The dentist will give you the instructions regarding when to take it to ensure maximum effectiveness. There are varying degrees of the sedation that can be provided through this method. The minor sedation will simply relax a person, allowing him to let go of his tension during the procedure. The levels do reach all the way up to sedation that will cause a patient to completely fall asleep but can be woken up rather easily.

Deep Sedation

The strongest form of relaxation a dentist can provide you with is general anesthesia. This is the same form of sedation you would receive if you were having surgery in the hospital. It is administered through an IV that is inserted into your vein. Constant supervision of the dentist is required for this type of relaxation because the medicine controls when you wake up and how deep your sleep becomes during the procedure.

A sedation dentist in Lincoln Park can help you relax during any type of dental procedure, even a routine cleaning, if it causes you severe anxiety. There are various types of sedation available, including inhaled, oral and deep sedation. If you plan on having any type of medication before your procedure, talk to your dentist ahead of time about the best type of medicine for your exact situation. Everyone’s level of anxiety and need for medication is different, making it necessary for careful consideration by you and your dentist.

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