How an Air Loss Mattress Helps After Illness

When a person has to spend a lot of time sleeping or in bed because of an illness or the recovery process, the body is at a particularly high level of risk. The risk comes from the constant presence of the mattress and sheets rubbing up against the individual. This constant pressure and contact are worrisome because it does not take much to damage the skin. An air loss mattress may be able to provide some help with this, though.

How It Works to Minimize Your Risks

With an air loss mattress, the mattress itself is filled with very small holes. These holes do not feel open or exposed. However, when the mattress is on, the very small holes allow for pressurized air to move through them. As a result, there is constant air flow between the person’s body and the mattress itself. As noted, this alleviates some of the pressure and irritation to the skin.

What Is the Benefit?

By creating this air circulation, several things happen. First, the skin is no longer in contact with the mattress. This in itself creates an important break from the contact for the body. Second, the air helps to keep the skin dry. This helps to minimize any breakdown of the skin or any risk of damage from bacteria building up on the skin.

In all situations, the investment in an air loss mattress is recommended for anyone who is likely to spend most of their time in bed for any given length of time. Even if this will be for a few days, it can provide an important level of protection from irritation, infection, and bed sores. Though other methods are also necessary, this is a tool that aids in protecting the skin.

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