How an Estate Planning Attorney in St Petersburg, FL, Can Help Baby Boomers Prepare for the Future

Many people believe estate planning is just about passing their wealth and assets on to the next generation. However, this isn’t true. There are many things that have to be considered, and these are all things an estate planning attorney in St Petersburg, FL, can help with. Keep reading to learn about the types of things an estate planning attorney can help those from the baby boomer generation with.

Family Keepsakes

Many people are surprised when they learn their family really cares about their personal items, in many cases, more than they do about the financial inheritance they will receive. Family mementoes and personal keepsakes usually hold more value to loved ones than money. An estate planning attorney in St Petersburg, FL, can help you figure out how to bequeath these to those you love after you pass away.

Your Long-Term Health Care Needs

When you’re creating your estate plan, you can’t forget about the increasing cost of healthcare and the fact people are living longer than ever before. You may need long-term care at some point. This is something that can quickly deplete an entire lifetime of savings. An estate attorney can help ensure you have a plan in place to cover these costs.

There’s no question hiring an estate planning attorney in St Petersburg, FL, is a smart move. Don’t wait to do this.

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