How Antennas Have Evolved Through the Years

Everyone remembers the old bulky antennas. They had a tall pole attached to the side of their house that extended clear up above the roof. The pole was tall enough to have a clear path to the sky free of trees and other obstacles, and the actual TV antenna was attached to the top of this pole. This type of antenna was commonly seen around thirty years ago, and is still used on an infrequent basis today. These antennas only allowed a person to get six or seven channels maximum, and none of the channels were digital during that time period. Satellite TV was a relatively new thing thirty years ago, so most people who lived in rural areas relied on TV antennas to receive any channels at all, since cable providers did not extend their services to rural customers.

The Beginning of Satellite TV

Satellite dishes were grotesquely huge and hard to maneuver when they first came out in the 1980’s. Most people thought they weren’t really worth the trouble, since they were incredibly expensive to buy and they were an eyesore in the backyard. This is why they stuck to their trusty antennas. They were quite happy with the channels they received since they never had to pay a dime for them. The only channels that people really received through an antenna during that time period were channels from the major broadcasting networks and weather stations. They didn’t have extras like the NFL Network, the Chiller Channel or Animal Planet. However, they learned to adapt easily to only having a few channels, and people seemed to be happy with the free service even though they only received a few channels. You can’t beat free any way you look at it, and people are finally starting to realize that.

The Best Antenna Type for Your Needs

Selecting the perfect antenna for your needs can be a complicated matter. You may need to seek advice from a technician that is familiar with antennas to see how they operate before you make a purchase. An amplified indoor antenna can give you superior reception, but many people prefer outdoor antennas. It really depends on how much you watch TV, and the quality that you desire. All antennas are different, so you will need to find one that will work for you. Installation is incredibly easy no matter what type you choose, and the antenna will come with installation instructions when you buy it in most cases. The cost of antennas varies greatly from one to the next, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $20.00 to $200.00, depending on the quality that you want and the type of antenna that you buy.

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