How Bead Blasting Services Can Help to Make Aluminum Look Better

When aluminum components are created, it is normal for them to show some blend lines and tool marks. In some applications, this is completely acceptable and will not matter. However, if the aluminum will be seen by other people, it is a good idea to have it bead blasted, so these lines and marks do not show up. Another reason for bead blasting is to remove the reflective surface from the aluminum in applications where a non-reflective surface is needed. If the finish needs to remain, bead blasting can allow for the reflective surface while still removing any imperfections.

Bead Blasting Process

Bead blasting services use tiny glass beads that are blasted at the aluminum after the product is finished. The end result will have a matte finish, and no lines or tool markings will be able to be seen. The process is typically done in-house and does not take long to complete. The time for completion depends on the size of the aluminum.

At Sapphire Metal Finishing, they offer in-house bead blasting that are accurate and look great. The blasters they use are fully programmable and automated to produce an excellent finish. They select the fixturing, blast times, and the pressure to ensure that the finish is how the customer wants it. They only bead blast on their own equipment to ensure that there is no iron in the aluminum parts. They also have a bead blasting services that will not produce a matte aluminum if a customer is looking for aluminum that still has its shine but no visible markings.

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