How Can Music Soothe Your Vagal Nerve and Lead to Better Health?

It is easy to take the body’s nervous system for granted. Naturally, you go blithely about your life fully expecting your nerves to function efficiently in the background. However, consciously stimulating a major nerve like the vagus can help it improve your duration and quality of relaxation and health. Vagus stimulation can occur through music, deep breathing techniques, yoga, and massage. Particularly, vagus nerve stimulation music can help you manage stress and anxiety and enhance your mood by reducing negative thoughts and emotions.

Binaural Music

Binaural music, specifically, can tone the vagal nerve and thus influence the brain depending on frequency. When referring to binaural beats and vagus nerve stimulation music, beneficial responses occur in four major frequencies. The lower the frequency the more influence the music may have on sleep. For example, you can associate delta frequencies, which are between one and four Hz, with deep sleep. The next level, theta, can achieve deep relaxation and meditation.

Binaural music at Alpha frequencies, or between eight and thirteen Hz, still promotes relaxation while also encouraging positivity and lower anxiety. Music at low Beta and higher frequencies may improve focus and memory retention. The parameters of binaural music are that it must be below 1000 Hz, and the two beats need to remain within 30 HZ of each other to effectively stimulate the vagal nerve.

Vagal Tone

Vagal nerve stimulation music can improve the connections between the two sides of the brain as well as tone a large part of the parasympathetic nervous system. Increasing vagal tone increases your state of relaxation, stimulates digestion, lowers blood pressure, and decreases your heart rate. All the things you experience when you are relaxed translate to an improved ability to manage stress as well as a positive mood, lower nervous anxiety, and better physical well-being.


There is much evidence supporting the emotional and physical benefits of vagal nerve music stimulation. If you seek binaural music that will enhance your state of mind and help you relax, meditate, and stay positive and healthy, contact Neuvana at Sitename.

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