How Can You Get Featured on Your CA Student Apartment’s Instagram Page?

Everybody wants to be Instagram famous. And while you might be too busy to focus on Instagram while you’re in college, you still have the chance to be featured on your student apartment’s Instagram page. Here’s how you can gain a little social media notoriety while living in student apartments near Sac State.

How Can You Get Featured on Your Student Apartment’s Instagram Page?

Frequently, your student apartment will hold contests, giveaways, and other events that encourage residents to participate. They might invite you to make a post on Instagram and tag the apartment so the staff members will see it. If your entry stands out enough, you might be featured on your apartment’s Instagram page. They might even invite you to hold a special photo shoot with a staff member.

You can also get featured if you win one of their frequent giveaways. To enter a giveaway, you might have to tag your friends, take a photo, leave a comment, DM the account, or sign up another way. Occasionally, they also offer giveaways for potential new residents who want to tour the facility. If you win a prize, you might be featured on the apartment’s Instagram profile with a special photo shoot.

If you’re looking for student apartments near Sac State, check out the Lark Sacramento website. You can learn about the various features that Lark offers and check out their social media profiles to see what it’s like to live at Lark Sacramento. Plus, you can even apply for a room.

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