How Does One Become a Certified Welder?

Are you thinking about becoming a welder, but not sure what to do? How do you become certified for this craft? Here is important information on earning a certified welding certificate in Cleveland, to help you get started.

What Does Certified Mean?

In order to certify your skills, you need to possess a certificate from a proven source. Your certificate shows you understand the entire process of welding and know how to properly produce welds. In order to qualify, you’ll need to pass a certification test for each type of welding you intend to do. If you get a passing grade, you become qualified.

Training Programs

The best way to ensure you earn a certified welding certificate is to take a training course specifically designed for welders. You can contact your local community college and there are welding schools and technical schools available in the Cleveland area also. They have the curriculum to get you started in the right direction.

Choose Your Welding Procedure

You will need to take a test concerning the type of welding you wish to perform. It is important to practice so you make no errors on your practical exam.

Approved Testing Facility

You will earn a certified welding certificate by visiting a facility in Cleveland, which has been approved by the American Welding Society. The test requires you to have specific knowledge on your craft and you must be able to successfully create a weld. When you take your exam, you’ll need to pay the testing fee, which is around $30 or so.

Maintaining Your Certified Welding Certificate in Cleveland

To ensure your certification remains valid you must submit a form signed by your employer. This proves you are still working in the welding trade and you must do this twice a year (every six months).

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