How does Roof Repair Work in Meriden?

If you find yourself in need of roof repair Meriden area, you might wonder what the process will be like and how long it might take. Smaller jobs that are limited to one area may be completed fairly quickly within a day. If your home requires the entire roof to be replaced, the process may take a few days or longer if the roof is rather large. But regardless of the repair work being done, you want to know that your roof is being worked on correctly, so knowing how the job is normally done may put you somewhat at ease.

No matter what the damage is to the roof, the first step is cleaning the area that is to be worked on. This can usually be done with a pressure washer, which removes any debris that may be present. Depending on the repair work that needs to be done, the roofer may also need to remove old shingles or partial shingles that are broken. Other procedures may be done as needed, but in the end, the area to be worked on needs to be clean and free of debris and damaged materials.

To begin, the roofer will replace any sections of plywood that have had to be removed. These will be nailed to the joists and sealed at the seams with a tar based caulk. There will then be felt sheeting laid over the plywood which is glued or stapled (or both) in to place. If stapled, more caulking will be placed over the holes they create to ensure water cannot leak through. There may also be flashing installed, which are aluminum strips that run along the sides of the roof. These prevent water from leaking in through the eaves. Finally, the shingles will be laid, starting at the lowest edge of the area of repair. These will be laid slightly atop each other as they progress upward, so that the nails are covered over by each consecutive shingle. While this process is reasonably simple, there is also an element of danger involved as well as the need to have the process done just right, so it’s always best to leave it to a professional roofing company to get the job done.

A couple of final touches that can be made involve the addition of gutters and downspouts if needed. The gutters sit just below the lowest shingles in order to catch as much runoff from rain or snow as possible. The attached downspouts are there to carry the water away from your house, which helps to prevent damage to the foundation. Lastly, the roof may be sprayed with a special sealant to make it entirely waterproof. At this point, your roof is complete, and now you know what to look for when having roof repair work performed on your house.

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