How Does This Process Work?

Sell Gold Los Angeles Sencompasses options for you to sell your unwanted gold jewelry and other items. The options allow you to bring these items to your preferred pawn shop or other company, which buys gold. You will receive a cash offer for these items based on cash or market value and possibly their carat weight.

How Does This Process Work?

You may bring these items into your preferred pawn shop or buyer’s establishment. The pawn broker or agent evaluates these items based on market value and weight in most cases. He or she establishes the total cash value which he or she may purchase your items.

Making an Offer

A pawn broker or gold buyer in Los Angeles will arrive at a cash amount once the evaluation is complete. He or she will inform you of this amount and make an offer. Your options are acceptance of the offer or keep your items. Some pawn shops may allow you to sell your items through consignment.

Payment Options

Most pawn shops deal in cash. However, some pawn shops may offer a check instead of cash for high-dollar amounts. Your options are based upon the policies for gold purchases utilized by your preferred pawn shop or buyer. Some pawn shops additionally offer a store credit if you prefer.

Sell by Mail

If you prefer to conduct this transaction via U.S. mail or online there are some establishments from which to choose. The providers allow you to mail your items to their distribution center for evaluation. You may receive a cash offer via phone, email, or through the mail.

The providers usually send a check through the mail upon acceptance of their offer. However, some companies do perform electronic payments. Some providers offer wire transfer into your selected bank or financial institution.

Who Buys Gold in Los Angeles?

Pico Union Pawn shops are a part of the Sell Gold Los Angeles program. They offer cash prices for your unwanted items. The pawn shop provides you with courteous and reliable service for all of your gold selling and buying needs. Visit website today at for more details.

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