How Eyelash Extensions Are Applied To Ensure Maximum Results

Women who have thinning eyelashes struggle to make their eyes pop, which can cause them to suffer from self-esteem issues. Eyelash extensions in Philadelphia, PA, help to solve this problem by utilizing a synthetic hair-like fiber to increase the length and volume of a lash bed and providing the appearance of naturally lush eyelashes. Many women are leery of getting extensions, as they aren’t sure of the process involved, but the following is a quick look at what to expect during the process.

Eye Preparation

To begin, the technician will first need to prepare the eye for the extensions by cleaning the area of the eyelash bed with a gentle agent that can remove surface dirt and oil. This ensures the best possible bond when the extensions are applied to the skin. Once the lids are prepared, they will tape the bottom eyelid open by sticking it to the cheekbone with medical grade tape, as this eliminates irritation to the eye and provides an unobstructed working surface for the tech.

Sealant And Extension Application

The next step is to apply the adhesive product to the lash bed. A thin wooden stick is dabbed into the waterproof adhesive material and then used to delicately apply the adhesive material to the bed of the eyelashes. Once the glue is in place, the technician will move quickly and begin applying the lashes one at a time until the desired fullness is achieved. The process can take up to two hours to complete.

Final Touches

After the Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia, PA, have been installed, the last step is to trim the extensions so they blend in more naturally with the existing lash bed. The technician will use small medical-grade scissors to adjust the length of the lashes, and they will make sure the bond is secure so there is no worry of them falling out prematurely. Most extension applications can provide a person with up to three months of beautiful lashes before needing to be reapplied.

Anyone looking to increase the visual appeal of their eyes and face should consider installing quality extensions to their lash bed. Label Me Diva offers a variety of beauty enhancing products including Eyelash Extensions. Check out to know more about Eyelash Extensions and different products offered.

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