How Shiatsu Massage Therapy Benefits You

Massage therapy is more than just rubbing someone’s back once in a while. involves a trained professional therapist using a hands-on massage technique to help heal your mind, body, and soul. Let’s see how regular shiatsu massage therapy can help you.

1. Perfect Way to De-Stress Yourself

Every day brings new worries and stresses into our lives. We can try to relax and rest, but this stress and tension likes to sit in our body and muscles. Shiatsu massage therapy gives this body tension a way to be released and your muscles can relax again. Professional shiatsu massage therapy also helps your body release the natural compound serotonin, which aids your body in relaxing and falling asleep.

2. Pain and Muscle Relief

The tension that sits in your muscles can cause pain in unexpected areas. Shiatsu massage therapy specifically targets areas that are known to be pressure points. By applying pressure to these specific spots, a massage therapist can actually help relieve chronic pain in some areas.

3. Another Tool to Help with Anxiety

Anxiety is never easy to handle. If you suffer from anxiety issues, you know how important it is to have a toolbox of methods to help reduce anxiety issues and triggers. Shiatsu massage therapy Herndon can be added to this toolbox as a way to relieve the stress from your body and mind. It has been shown that 20 minutes of can have beneficial effects on anxiety.

4. Keep Your Energy Flowing

As shiatsu massage concentrates on healing the mind, body, and spirit, it is no surprise that many people find it encourages a healthy energy flow within their bodies. This is due to the principles that guide shiatsu massage and how specific points can naturally heal your spirit.

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