How Stormwater Management Helps the Environment

Nobody gives much thought to stormwater management until events occur that cause dramatic amounts of rain to fall in a localized spot. It takes effective and sound planning and engineering to protect the environment and structures from the damage that unneeded flooding cause.

Redirecting Water to Prevent Flooding

Rainfall amounts are not always predictable, and having it fall on structures that are not permeable bring about a ton of water runoff. All of this water has to go somewhere and without the direction of proper stormwater management, it can go inside buildings and overtake the entire localized landscape. Having the right engineering, planning and stormwater systems in place help relieve the potential for serious flooding problems. It helps to save the local vegetation and keeps the property in usable condition. Both humans and wildlife benefit from the results of the expert stormwater management Arlington, VA residents depend on to protect the environment from unnecessary flooding.

Effectively Handle Runoff Pollution

Anything that can spill onto the surface of roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and buildings can and will end up in the water runoff after heavy rainfall. This leads to pollution of petroleum products, and other chemicals that adversely affect the water table and environment. Directing and filtering runoff water is one of the most beneficial parts of stormwater management.

Reduce Major Soil Erosion

Erosion of the soil caused by improper drainage can lead to a devastating change in the topography. It can lead to structural weaknesses in the foundation and wash away roads, driveways, and portions of parking areas. Finding ways to eliminate severe soil erosion is possible by hiring the specialists in stormwater management Arlington, VA area businesses rely on to add the right protections.

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