How To Become An Equine Dentist Hartford County MD

You first need to be comfortable and knowledgeable about horses. You should have experience working with horses. To become a Dentist Harford County MD, you will need to go to dental school and become certified and licensed.

You can even become a veterinarian and specialize in treating horses. However, studying the oral health of horses would train you to become an Equine Dental Technician or EDT. You can apply online at the American School of Equine. Take the appropriate courses necessary, and be sure to work as an intern while you are in school to get the necessary hands on training.

Once you have graduated and obtained your certification and license, you need to get the right equipment to work on horses. This equipment includes restraints, forceps, floats, and cutters. Getting clients may not be that difficult, especially if you effectively advertise your services. You can meet with veterinarians and let them know you are in business so they can send their clients your way. You can advertise near farms and places that are more likely to have horses.

Design a website, get some business cars, and get the word out. It really shouldn’t take too much effort to find business. And once you have one customer who has a horse, your business should pick up since a customer with a horse will likely know someone else who has horses.

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