How To Buy Modular Manufactured Homes That Will Bring Value To A Homeowner

sf-photo-galleryA common problem among homeowners that are living in new construction, is that there are a lot of touch ups that need to be done upon move in. Whether it is lighting that does not work properly, cabinet doors falling off, or rooms not being up to code, there are problems with new construction. One solution to the problems faced with new construction is to buy Modular Manufactured Homes that have professional builders installing the home.

Often times with new construction you will have a construction manager that oversees the work but there will be subcontractors that come in and perform certain tasks. When the homeowner then takes occupancy in the residence and things start to fall apart, they have to rely on the contractor to play the middle man. The managing contractor may have moved on to another building site and the subcontractors may no longer be working for the original manufacturer. Tracking down and replacing non-working items in a new home may be a hassle.

When you buy Modular Manufactured Homes you deal with a professional company that handles everything from the construction of the home to the placement of the home. The team is proficient from start to finish and it is their profession to make sure things work right before they leave you to a malfunctioning home. If something should go wrong, you have a direct contact and warrantied products that will be back to working order as soon as possible.

There are some downfalls however, to owning a modular or manufactured home. While the product has come a great deal from when they were first considered a step up from a double wide trailer, there are things to consider. For starters, the real estate value will not appreciate as would new construction. While the land or property may be in a great location, depending on the type, style, and brand, a modular home may not help increase the value of the real estate.

When you are considering land-home packages which means you get a manufactured home on a piece of land, read the fine print. The interest rate may be higher than a traditional home. You also want to confirm that the modular home will be built with a permanent foundation to help retain value.

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