How to Choose a Style for Diamond Engagement Rings in Los Angeles

When buying diamond engagement rings in Los Angeles, there are many factors to consider. The most important thing is to get her something she’ll love and want to wear for the rest of her life. As you look through all the diamonds and settings, it can be challenging to figure out which will make her feel special.

Her Style

Consider your girlfriend’s personality when deciding on a style for your engagement ring. What does she wear? What does she like? Is she comfortable with bold patterns or simplistic cuts?

Setting Type

The setting of your diamond engagement ring is another critical factor to consider. Most rings have a classic halo setting, which means the diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds set into prongs on either side, creating a large amount of sparkle but limiting the main stone’s size and shape. Other options include micro pave settings or channel set rings where rows of diamonds are set directly into grooves in the platinum or gold band.

Matching Wedding Bands

Think about whether you want matching wedding bands. Since wedding rings are often an afterthought and might not be purchased until years have passed, it’s vital to consider them early in the engagement ring buying process. You may want your wedding rings to match the style of diamond engagement rings in Los Angeles or stand out from it with different metals or designs.

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