How To Choose A Water Treatment System In Jackson NJ

A whole home water filtration system makes it easy to ensure the health and safety of any water that is consumed or used to wash or bathe. The problem is that many homeowners become overwhelmed when trying to choose a system, as there are a variety of options and knowing which one will best suit a consumer’s needs isn’t simple. Don’t let the process of choosing a Water Treatment System in Jackson NJ to become complicated when a little research and an inexpensive water test kit can make it easy.

Identify Problem Areas

The first step is to determine what issues exist, and while some problems, such as water that is hard or contains significant amounts of sulfur, can be easy to identify, others may require the use of a water testing kit. In addition to measuring these two areas, it will also measure the level of bacteria, iron, and other pollutants that can make water taste poorly or become unsafe for human consumption.

Consider Water Source

The next step is to determine a home’s water source. Water derived from a well can be full of harmful bacteria and minerals that leave water with a bad taste or a foul odor, and wreak havoc on the sinks, toilets, and appliances that use the water, such as washing machines and dishwashers. City water is usually treated to remove these issues, but will often contain significant amounts of chlorine which can be unhealthy for individuals with autoimmune diseases to ingest.

System Add-ons

Once the root of the water issues is determined, the next step is to choose any additional equipment that a homeowner may want to purchase to further increase the quality of their water. Typical add-ons include the addition of multistage filtering equipment or a UV Water Treatment System in Jackson NJ that can make sure that water is safe for consumption from a microbial level.

The right water filtration system can have a dramatic effect on the quality of water that a family ingests. The team at Waterhouse Water Systems can help anyone choose the best filtration system for their needs, and offer free water testing. Get free water analysis by calling today, and take the first step in keeping a home’s water supply safe for consumption.

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