How to Choose the Best Cars for your Fleet

When you are faced with the need to select the best car for your company’s fleet there are many options to consider. You will also need to find the Vehicle Tracking Solutions New York. companies use once your cars have been purchased. Narrowing down your needs can help you discover which car may work best for you. There are three relevant considerations that seem to resonate with many businesses today: resale value, eco-friendly and look. Here are a few tips to help you decide using these three popular decision makers.

Resale Value

This may seem a bit of an odd idea, but especially in the case of new start up businesses the reality of losing the business or needing to downsize at a moments notice makes the idea of a car with good resale value sound pretty good. Use the blue book value of cars you are interested in to decide which ones offer a good resale value. Then in the off chance you have to sell any of your cars you will know you will not be losing too much money. You may be tempted to purchase a car that looks good on the lot or that can be ordered in fluorescent green to match your logo. Don’t give into temptation and go the safe route instead.


More and more businesses are looking to shrink their carbon footprint and the type of cars you buy for your business is a good place to start. You can consider hybrid options, electrical cars and also look at fuel efficient options that run on gas but don’t guzzle it. If you need delivery don’t jump to the conclusion to need a huge SUV or van. Instead look at hatch back options that may be able to accommodate your products just as nicely.


Depending on the business you are in the look of your car may play a role as well. And it doesn’t just mean the design of the car but how it will look as a representative of your business. If you are an eco-friendly cleaning company you certainly can’t be driving around in a Hum V just because it has good storage space. You have to consider each aspect of the car you select and decide if you are happy with the message it will be sending to your customers.

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