How to Choose the Best Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS hosting is a great choice for webmasters planning to host a site. It is cheaper than competing options like a dedicated server or Windows VPS, and also offers better authorization.

The open source and free nature of Linux is one of the reasons why it is more popular than Windows as the favorite operating system for most developers. Linux hosting can afford to offer features that you would have to pay for separately should you decide to host your website on a Windows server. While there are a sizeable number of websites which use Windows servers, Linux is widely considered the safest and the most affordable option.

Get Greater Control

Virtual private hosting on a Linux machine allows you to set your website up at extremely low costs. These servers don’t put any restrictions on the kind of software that you can install. Given the fact that these servers are widely used by a large number of businesses, they have adequate security in place which is sufficient to safeguard your data. Virtual private servers offer all the benefits of a dedicated server at a much lower price making them an extremely attractive option.

Avoid Licensing Costs

One of the best reasons to opt for Linux hosting over Windows hosting is that you don’t have to pay any license fees for using Linux. On the other hand, you have to pay a license fee for every single server you use that runs on the Windows operating system. Even though most people are familiar with Windows, learning a bit of Linux is quite easy and can result in significant savings while choosing your server.

Benefit from Better Security

It is a well known fact that internet hackers all over the world prefer targeting websites based on Windows. This is because it is easier to infect these machines with viruses which allow hackers to take complete control of the infected machines. On the other hand, a well configured Linux machine doesn’t face this problem. This makes is a lot more secure and naturally, a better alternative to Windows servers. While Windows based servers and Linux based servers are both used widely for a variety of websites, you need to evaluate which of them is better suited for your requirements before taking a decision.

Linux VPS hosting will include a limited amount of bandwidth and disk space for free, which can be upgraded inexpensively if and when necessary.
Since Linux is open source, your up time should be better when compared to a comparable Windows VPS. Coding modifications can also be made so that it will take up less space that a Windows version. It should be note that users who require remote desktop access may be better served by a windows VPS.
Choosing a Linux VPS can save webmasters time and money, as they are less expensive and easier to operate.

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