How to Choose the Best Scented Candles from an Online Gift Shop in Kansas City, KS

It doesn’t matter if you want to purchase the candles for yourself or as a gift; choosing the right scented candle is one of the most important factors. This is because every scent has different properties. But, there are some tips that can make it easy to choose the best ones!

Candle Vessel

Scented candles are available in Mason jars, as well as frosted glass jars. Mason jars are suitable for country homes, while a black or white frosted glass jar is a good option from an online gift shop in Kansas City, KS for a modern home.


Fragrance is the most important factor, and it must be selected according to the mood you are trying to set. Usually, candlemakers use natural essential oils to achieve subtle scents. These essential oils release scents when the candle burns.

If you need a scented candle to create ambiance, you can opt for honey, cinnamon spice, jasmine, and lavender. On the other hand, there are scents such as clean rain and ocean breeze for a neutralizing experience.


In the majority of cases, the scented candles available at an online gift shop in Kansas City, KS are made from tallow, paraffin, or soy. Candles made from a higher percentage of paraffin create a translucent glow, while soy wax is a more eco-friendly choice. In addition, soy wax promises a longer burn time. It’s best not to use candles made with tallow, as they can create smoke and melt very quickly.

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