How To Choose The Best Wood Fencing For Your Home Project

Wood fences are a classic addition to any home and they serve multiple purposes. Not only do they offer privacy, but they can also be a major safety precaution for families who have young children or pets. If you or someone you know is in need of some new wood fencing for an upcoming home improvement project, here are some simple tips that can help you make a good selection.

There are many different choices and styles of wood to choose from when you need wood fencing materials. First you will need to assess exactly how much wood fencing you are going to need. Once you have come to a decision on how much, you will then need to shop around your local hardware stores to find out the different prices that are available on wood fencing. Since there are so many different kinds to choose from, the difference in price can be quite large.

Once you decide on how much wood fencing you will need and you have shopped around for the best prices you will need to decide on a style that best suits you. There are many different types of styles such as solid panel and lattice styles. Once you decide on a style you are now ready to move on to the height of the wood fencing you are interested in. If privacy is very important to you then you may want to go with an eight foot fence. If however, privacy is not that important you can choose from four foot to six foot in height. It’s basically up to you what is more important and what your needs are. You will now need to decide if you want a custom built fence or if you want one that is pre-assembled.

A few other things that may help you to make up your mind when searching for quality wood fencing is to look for some that offers a warranty. This may be important to you if you are planning on living at your current residence for more than ten years. You will then want to find some wood that will withstand the weather for at least ten years or more and find one that has a warranty that states this.

It is a good idea if you go with wood fencing to paint it or stain it to help it to last longer and help it to withstand not only the weather but also to keep bugs from bothering it as well. You may find that if you stain or paint it every four years or so you will get many years of beauty and privacy out of your wood fencing.

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