How To Choose The Right Amp Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker is a device that is designed to protect electrical wires from overheating. There are various types of circuit breaker, thus it is important that you choose the right circuit breaker for your particular situation. Choosing a circuit breaker that is too small for the frame which is connected to it may trip off frequently, while choosing the one that is too big may not trip off. You should consider checking the size of the wire before choosing your circuit breaker. It is also important to ensure that the circuit frames are fit for the device. The circuit frame not only determines the physical size of the circuit breaker but it also determines the maximum allowable voltage. Here are some of the major factors to look into when choosing AMP circuit breakers.

Check The Size Of The Wire

Before deciding the circuit breaker to purchase, you should take time to read the cable to determine its size. Check the number of wires and its gauge. Use a 40 amp breaker with a 8 gauge wire, a 30 amp breaker with a 10 gauge wire, a 20 amp breaker with a 12 gauge wire and a 15 amp breaker with a 14 gauge wire. Using the right amp breaker with the right wire gauge allows your circuit breaker to trip in the right time.

Determine Whether The Circuit Will Handle The Load

Before installing the Circuit Frames, take time to determine whether it will handle the load that you intend to put on it. In order to determine the maximum load of the circuit, multiply the number of amps by the number of volts. Use around 80 percent of the maximum load to avoid chances of tripping off due to overloads.

Check The Circuit Insulation Frames

The circuit breaker cannot be safe if it has poor frames. Choosing a circuit breaker with the right frames ensures that all the components of the device are well mounted and that a good insulation cover is provided. Circuit Frames also play a major role in determining the maximum allowable voltage and currents and also the overall physical size of the circuit breaker.


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