How to Choose Vanity Cabinets for Your Home

Are you considering installing new vanity cabinets in your Marlborough MA home?  Why? The current cabinets are worn. You want to update. Whatever your reasons, you need to understand the process before going ahead with the choice, the purchase and the installation. 


Before you even step into a shop, go online or talk to a contractor, you must know certain aspects. These focus on your existing vanity cabinets and include:

  1. Cabinet Size: What is the size of your existing cabinetry? Be sure to measure its width, height and depth. 
  2. Room Size: Be aware of the dimensions of the room in which the vanity cabinet sits.
  3. Room Shape: Not all spaces are perfect squares or rectangles. Some bathrooms were retrofitted. As a result, the cabinetry may be in a space jutting into or out of the basic shape.
  4. Existing Features: It is important to know where other features are located. This is not merely where the furniture is placed or where the doors (closets and entry) and windows are positioned. You need to be aware of where the plumbing and electrical switches and outlets are. 

These basics will help you determine which direction you need to take in terms of design and location.

Making the Decision

Choosing the actual cabinets involves you knowing two important factors:

  1. The size that will fit 
  2. The purpose of the vanity

Combining these with your pre-purchase knowledge will help you to select the best possible Vanity Cabinets in Marlborough MA for you and your family.

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