How to Divide Bulb Flowers

While many flowers bloom from seeds, those flowers that come up year after year are the result of a bulb. These bulb flowers are some of the most beautiful flowers you can add to your garden, providing an array of shapes and colors to please the eye. Because of the nature of this type of flower, you will see them grow and expand over the years. If they become too thick or you want to give some away, you will need to learn how to divide them.

Time of Year

Most people don’t realize there is a proper time of year to divide the bulbs. However, because of the way bulbs grow, it is often best to divide them up in the spring. All you need to do is to wait until the ground is soft enough you can dig easily. This will give you access to the bulbs so you can divide them into even more flowering plants to put in other areas of your garden or to give to family, friends and neighbors.

Which Plants

To determine which of the bulb flowers you need to divide in the spring, you need to pay attention to them during the previous year. Watch for the plants that look as though they have grown quite large and those that produce a lot of flowers. Those are the ones you will need to divide in the spring. To help you remember which ones need to be split, place a stick or some other marker nearby to remind you when spring comes.

How to Divide

After you dig out the bulb, it is important to know the proper way to divide up the bulb. Remove the entire bulb from the ground and shake off any loose dirt so you can see it better. Inspect the bulb and make note of the additional bulbs that protrude from the original bulb. Break them off if you can or use a sharp knife to cut them off. Be sure each new bulb has roots attached to it. Replant all the bulbs as soon as possible to ensure they continue to grow.

Dividing bulb flowers in the spring will allow the plants to continue to produce a large number of flowers. However, you need to know exactly how to divide the bulbs so you don’t damage the plant. This will allow you to plant them in other areas of your yard or to give them away to the people who have admired your plants.

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