How to Do Your Own Dog Training in Timonium, MD

The biggest misconception about dog training in Timonium, MD is that you need to spend lots of money on a professional dog trainer in order to get your dog to follow a few basic commands or to housebreak your pet. This is just fallacy. There are some simple tricks that you can use in order to get your dog in better shape to become a treasured member of your family.

Start simple. Training your dog to do his business outside is probably the most important thing you can teach your dog. This does not have to be a greatly taxing event. In fact, there is one simple tool that can change your demon dog into the well behaved family pooch. A crate. Buy a crate now, and make a long term investment for your family. A create is not an evil torture device for people who like to be cruel to animals. Quite the contrary! A crate makes dog training effortless. Crates are like a sanctuary for your dog. This is his domain, his little kingdom. The crate is a safe place to go when you are establishing your pack leadership with your new pet. When your dog is being trained to go outside, the last thing your dog naturally wants to do is soil his bed. So the bed is very important. Your dog needs a place to be his, just like your dog needs a place in your pack.

The next most important piece of equipment you need to invest in is a leash. A leash is like a telephone line between you and your dog. A good firm grip on a leash tells your dog that you are in control. While that might sound intimidating to another person, it is music to your dogs ears. Your dogs gets very nervous when he feels like there is no leader in the pack. Part of good dog training is being able to get your dog to understand that you are the pack leader. A good leash is invaluable for dog training. A good leash can save you countless hours of frustration due to disobedience and defiance. In addition to the crate creating security in your dog, a leash provides the same thing. Leashes are the best tool for training. All training needs to happen on a leash at all times. Unless you are training your dog to retrieve or doing some specialty dog training, keep your dog on the leash for all training sessions.

While it might sound simple, the easiest thing you can do is set up a routine and a schedule for your dog. The crate gives your dog the first step into a routine. The routine can be used to not only train your dog to do their business outside, it teaches them when to go. The leash shows the dog who is in charge. This too gives your dog a sense of security. A secure dog is an easily trained dog.

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