How to Drive Home Your Message with Truck Wraps

Truck wraps are a fantastic way to draw attention to your company message – when used correctly. As a truck is driving through the streets, it can be a way to inform and entice customers; but it can also have a negative impact if the message isn’t displayed properly. Here are some ways to drive home your message using this powerful marketing tool.

Choose One Message for Truck Wraps

One of the biggest problems with this tool that most often occurs is that the message on a truck gets muddied because there is just too much going on. Companies want to include contact information, a company logo, a quote from a review, and more. The more that is on the truck, the more that people will ignore it because they just don’t have that much time to read on the road. When you start creating your design, be sure that you determine a single message to get across, and plan on focusing all the other elements around this one message.

What Should You Include?

If you want to keep your truck wraps clean, classy, and easy to read in the few seconds that drivers have to notice them, you need to cut back on the elements you include. The best truck wrap should include a simple graphics (usually the company logo), one line that shares your message, and a way to contact you. That’s it! Any more and you don’t leave people enough time to remember the information.

Go for Quality, Every Time

When you are spending money on advertising that will be seen by thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of passers-by, you need to make sure that the work is done professionally. Choosing a quality printer to create your wraps will ensure that you get the best results every time. Pay close attention to the final design for accuracy so that you aren’t wasting your advertising dollars, and be sure that the printer understands your message so that they can provide the best possible design.

Contact Us to Get Started

At New York Banner Stands, we offer assistance with every step of the process, from design to rush shipping. Whether you want to makeover your bare company vehicles, or update your look for a new year, we can help with expertly printed truck wraps. Call us at 1-800-516-7606 to get started today.

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