How to Ensure Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems in NYC Stay Unclogged

When you own Electrolux central vacuum systems in NYC, you count on them to clean your house 100 percent. While a majority of the time your vacuum will do its job, there are certain circumstances that could cause it to clog. If this occurs, you need to know how to rectify the situation to ensure your system works efficiently all the time to keep the allergens out of your home.

Clogged Bags or Filters

If your entire system does not work, regardless of which inlet you use, chances are you have a clog in the bag or filter. If your system uses a bag, this typically means it is time to change the bag out. If you neglect to change the bag, the dust and dander simply flows back into the motor, causing it to slow down and eventually stop working. If your system does not use a bag, it is important to thoroughly wash the filter out.

Hose Clog

Sometimes something can get stuck in the hose of the Electrolux central vacuum systems in NYC. The best way to determine if this has happened to your system, causing it to work more slowly is to eliminate the hose and check the suction directly from the inlet. If you feel full suction power from the inlet, you need to unclog your hose. Most of the time, all it takes is finding something long enough to reach into the hose to remove the object that is causing it to clog.

Inlet Clog

Sometimes you could experience a clog with only one or two inlets. This means there is not a problem with the central system but the inlets themselves. Sometimes it is possible to remove the clog in an inlet on your own with a handheld vacuum. If this does not do the trick or you are hesitant to try, you might have to contact a repairman to remove the clog for you.

The Electrolux central vacuum systems in NYC are an effective central vacuum system to own. Just like any central vacuum system, clogs can occur in various areas through regular use. Understanding the basics of removing a clog will get your system up and running in no time. If you are unsure about how to fix a clog, you should to call for professional service to assist you.

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