How to Find a Chiropractor for Auto Accident Portland OR Victims

Auto accidents are a price that we pay in having the convenience of motorized vehicles. However, no one who suffered an Auto Accident Portland OR needs to suffer. Many auto accident victims find relief by seeing a chiropractor. Here is how to find a good Auto Accident in Portland OR chiropractor.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask people you trust about their experiences with chiropractors. This could be friends, co-workers, church members, pharmacists, dentists, primary care doctors, acupuncturists, hair dressers or family members. Would they recommend a particular chiropractor for you? Pay attention if the same name comes up again and again with positive recommendations. This could be a very good sign.

Check Online

One good website to check out for a chiropractor in the Portland area is the Oregon Chiropractic Association’s website. Click on the “Directory” tab to find a chiropractor near your town or by specific services offered, such as “Auto Injuries.” Also check out the website for the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington. Some Oregon chiropractors are BBB accredited businesses. You should not choose a chiropractor based entirely on their listing on the Oregon Chiropractic Association or the BBB.

Ask About Experience

Not all chiropractors have experience treating injuries caused by an Auto Accident Portland OR. Always ask the chiropractor if he or she has treated auto injuries before. Ask about how many auto accident cases he or she treats in a year. Good chiropractors will listen to your questions and take the time to explain how they would approach treating you. They will not talk down to you or try to dazzle you with medical jargon.

Visit the Clinic

An initial consultation is not just a good way to interview the prospective chiropractor, but also a good way to see if you can handle getting to the clinic easily. Does the clinic have good parking and sign easy to see from the road? Is the drive easy or complicated? The inside of the clinic should be clean and clutter-free. The staff should be courteous and treat you with respect. If they do not, chances are that their customer service skills will not suddenly improve. Look elsewhere.

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