How To Find Cheap Bed and Breakfasts in London

You came to London to see how the British really live. You want to know about their culture, about their food and see a little bit of history in this famous city. You also would like to stay somewhere that is clean and has a comfortable bed. You’d like to stay in a place that is quiet and has a friendly staff. But you don’t want this place to be so expensive that you don’t have any money left over to bring home a few souvenirs. How can you find Cheap Bed and Breakfasts in London? You need to do some research online.

First of all, you need to know what is important to you on this all important vacation. Do you want to stay inside the city of London, within just a few walking steps of the attractions that you want to see? Would you mind staying in a bed and breakfast that is a few miles outside of the city? Would you mind traveling by car or as the British call it the “tube?” Would you travel from your bed and breakfast by Gatwick or by train and tube? The closer you stay inside the city of London, within walking distance of the attractions you want to visit, the more expensive the cost of the bed and breakfast is. If you don’t mind staying a little further out, which you’ll have to either travel by car or train to get to the attractions, the least expensive the bed and breakfast is.

Do you want a room with a private shower or bath? Would you like a full English breakfast with your room? Would you like an Internet connection and a phone inside your room? Do you need a self-serve bar and complimentary tea or coffee? If you would like a traditional hospitality and yet modern comforts, it will cost a little more.

Do your homework and check out all of the Cheap Bed and Breakfasts in London before you make your plans to visit. Also, find out which time of the year the bed and breakfasts give cheaper rates. If it’s not their heavy tourist season, you could get a cheaper rate on your room.

Once you have one of the Cheap Bed and Breakfasts in London, the rest is finding out where you want to eat, drink and be merry.

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