How To Find Private Investigators In Westchester County

by | Jun 15, 2013 | Security

There are many occasions when people decide to retain the services of Private Investigators Westchester County. Some private investigators are hired by individuals while others are hired by insurance companies and attorney’s. They will typically investigate cases such as insurance fraud and disability claims. They can also complete background checks and pre-employment checks for companies. Many Private Investigators Westchester County also locate and interview potential witnesses. Many of their investigations also include photograph investigations as well.

By using PAGONES-O’NEILL INVESTIGATIONS-SECURITY, you will also be provided with survillence services as well. Surveillance services are great for employers if they feel that they have an employee that may be stealing from the company. This is also good if you need to verify a claim that someone was injured in an accident.

Private Investigators Westchester County will also be able to complete internal corporate investigations. This will include corporate espionage. They can investigate cases of embezzlement and policy compromises. They will be able to investigate sexual harassment claims to see if they are legitimate.

PAGONES-O’NEILL INVESTIGATIONS-SECURITY also uses canine services to locate explosives and narcotics. These services can be completed as requested as part of routine security checks.

Private Investigators Westchester County uses the latest technology in their investigations. They will use digital videos and audio equipment. The equipment that they use will equipped with night vision. They will make use of the art communication services and GPS technology. The investigators will also use theft detection equipment and surveillance vehicles when they are needed.

If you find yourself or your business in need of investigative services, you should contact Private Investigators Westchester County today. They will be able to get started on your case right away. They can be contacted either by phone or by filling out one of the request forms that are on their website. When you contact PAGONES-O’NEILL INVESTIGATIONS-SECURITY, you will be able to discuss your situation and they will be able to tell you the services that they can provide for you. During your investigation they will be able to prepare all of the necessary documents needed to get your case ready for trial.

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