How To Find The Best Steakhouse In Cincinnati

You can’t squeeze lemonade out of an apple, so why would you go to a fast food restaurant to get the best steak? You have to start with the best piece of meat in order to achieve a melt in your mouth taste that you can only get from the best steak. How does the Best Steakhouse Cincinnati get their steak right every time? By choosing the best cuts, aged perfectly, at the right thickness and cooked to perfection.

Even if you are not a steak lover, you will know the difference in taste by the cut of the meat. The meat that comes from the rib or tenderloin area is the best place for meat. This is where you will find the most tender meat that hasn’t been over exercised. When you look over the steakhouse menu look for the strip steak, porter house or T-bone, rib-eye, or fillet mignon for the best choice of meat.

When you see the best steak names on the menu, you need to ask a little more information before you decide on your order. You can specifically ask the server or chef about the marbling. If you are told that there is very little marbling then your steak will lack in natural flavoring. The meats that are designated with the word prime, choice or select are a good step, but always ask more about the cut of meat.

Really, the way that the top steakhouse restaurants achieve the best meat to taste is in the way that it is aged. You can have a wonderful cut of meat with the right marbling but it will never taste as good as a cut which has been aged to perfection.

The two types of aging are either the wet or dry method. The wet aged method is typical of what you will find in grocery stores. The dry-aged beef has been hung in a commercial cooler for a number of weeks. The moisture drains out of the humidity controlled coolers and the meat can dry more naturally while retaining the intense smokey flavor. You can also find this type of meat in the higher end butcher shops. The best restaurants for steak will be able to slow dry age their beef on site.

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