How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Fairfield County CT

Bed Bugs Fairfield County CT residents find are often hiding in cracks and crevices in a mattress. They can also sometimes be found in the carpets or cracks in the walls. Wherever they are located, these insects need to be terminated so they can no longer feed on the people who live in the home. There are a few ways to get rid of bed bugs.

Locate the Bugs Once the bugs have been located, they can be killed. Look all over the mattress first. Look at the top, the bottom, in the cracks, and on the wood or metal frame underneath. There will be a nest of bugs of various colors, with brown spots, white eggs, and even blood drops as well.

Purchase Spray There are special sprays that can be purchased at the store to get rid of bed bugs. Follow the directions on the package, and spray it in a well-ventilated area. It is best to spray their nest area directly, as well as cracks around the floors and wells that others could be hiding in.

Call Pest Control If the spray hasn’t seemed to work and there are still bed bugs around, or if a simple spray method isn’t trusted, then the homeowner can call pest control to come in and get the job done. Garrie Pest Control LLC will use special tools and equipment to get rid of the bugs, and ensure they never come back. They can place special detection devices around the room if the bugs have not yet been found. This will help to locate them so they can then terminate them. They may also provide protective encasements that can be placed around the mattress so no bugs can get in and make their nest.

Whether the Bed Bugs Fairfield County CT residents have are located by the homeowner and a spray is used, or a pest control company is called, the homeowner can rest assured that they will be gotten rid of. Bed bugs are a problem that many deal with, and getting rid of them will ensure those living in the home never have to experience the bites and welts left from the bugs again.

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