How to Get Your Commercial Drivers License in Illinois

A CDL or commercial drivers license allows you to drive a vehicle that is over 26,000 pounds. Used in 18-wheel and other truck driving, this license is required to be carried at all times. If you are looking to get your license, it is important that you fully understand the requirements so that you can be sure that you are a good candidate to hold the license.

The rules for acquiring your CDL require that you be at least 21 years of age, for an interstate driver and at least 18 for an intrastate driver. You must first pass a DOT physical and meet the minimum health requirements for your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and for medications that you take. Once you pass the physical, you can go on to complete your testing requirements.

There are two parts to the testing portion for receiving your CDL license. The first part is the general knowledge test. This is a written test that includes questions on road hazards, safety, and more. After this test, you will be given what is called the CDL Skills Test, also called the Road Driving Test.

During this test, you will be asked to perform skills in three different areas. The first portion of the test is the Pre-Trip Inspection. This measures your ability to perform the inspection that is required before you leave in your truck each trip. The next part of the test is the Basic Vehicle Control. This tests your skills in knowing all of the controls on your truck. The final portion of the test is the On-Road Driving test. This will measure your actual ability to drive the truck and handle it properly.

If you are in need of assistance with getting your Commercial Drivers License Illinois, there are training materials available, that can assist you in learning the needed skills. There are also training schools that can teach you the skills of driving and handling your truck. These vital skills can help you to pass the CDL test and get you into a career that can help you to achieve your dreams.

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