How to keep your Dell 1525 Battery in Great Shape

When you’ve just purchased a Dell 1525 Battery to power your Dell Laptop, the first thing most consumers think about is how long the battery will last. In a world populated with concerns on where to buy affordable products to power our busy lifestyles, one of the most frequently asked questions has to do with how to keep a laptop battery operating in tip-top shape, which will allow it to last longer and thus provide the buyer with a better value in the long run.

Here are a few simple tips on how to keep your Dell 1525 Battery in great shape after you purchase and receive it from an online laptop battery supply company.

Question #1: How can I do to keep the Dell 1525 Battery ‘healthy’ and in great shape?

Traditionally, laptop batteries need to be charged for a 12 hour period prior to actually using them. When you purchase a laptop battery, they do not hold a current charge and as a result you need to charge the battery fully before you plug it into the computer. Another reason you want to completely charge the laptop battery prior to use is this will allow you to get into the habit of fully charging the battery.

Question #2: How can I extend my Dell 1525 Battery life?

Based on previous research into the lifecycle of a laptop battery, most batteries hold their charge for about 500 charge and discharge cycle periods. This means, that every time you charge the battery, it is being worn out simply because that is what Batteries are designed to do in the first place. A great way to allow your Dell 1525 battery last longer is to remove your laptop battery if your laptop is plugged into a wall outlet. Believe it or not, you don’t need your battery actually in your computer if it’s plugged into an outlet.

When you leave the battery installed while the laptop is plugged into an AC outlet, the battery tends to get hot and overheat. It also will ‘overcharge’ from time to time, which will reduce the lifecycle of your battery. The best thing to remember about keeping any laptop working great, including the battery is keeping the battery charged and cool.

Question #3: If keeping my laptop battery out of the laptop is a good way of keeping it cool and lasting longer, what should I do with it when it’s not plugged into the laptop?

The best advice in regards to keeping your Dell 1525 battery in shape when it’s not in use is to periodically plug it in from time to time. This will allow you to keep the battery in use and not keep it stale and stagnant – which will reduce the charge in the battery as well. When you plug your battery into the laptop, make sure to unplug your wall outlet in order to keep it running cool.

Anytime you buy a Dell 1525 Battery, make sure you take appropriate steps to keep the battery lasting as long as possible.

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