How to kill black mold

by | Dec 7, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

There is a specific way to kill black mold so that you will not endanger your health, and the mold will not come back. Black mold removal is very important; many people really do not appreciate nor understand just how serious the health implications can be. Due to their lack of understanding they attempt to clean up the mold without really killing it.
There are steps to be followed to guarantee black mold removal in Ashburn VA, they are:

* Quarantine the area: Use sheets of plastic and tape to seal tight the doors, windows, ducts and any other opening in the affected area. This is important as the mold spores move in air and it takes very little air movement for them to contaminate the entire house.

* Repair the water problem: Black mold grows where there is a source of water and very little air movement. For mold to form there must be a source of water, you need to find it and eliminate it. If the water problem is not solved, the mold will keep coming back.

* Remove any porous material: get rid of any porous material, which may house mold spores. This can be carpet, drywall, insulation, curtains or any other materials that have been attacked. When you undertake black mold removal in Vista you really have no option but to discard these materials and replace them. There is no way to eliminate all the spores in fibrous materials.

* Scrub and vacuum: Once you have disposed of all the porous material, use a HEPA-filtered vacuum to clean the mold from the surfaces and then scrub the area. Use a stiff brush to loosen the mold, vacuum often during this stage of the process.

* Sanitize: This is a very important part of the process, without it, there is a chance the mold will return. To kill any remaining spores you must use a biocide agent, household bleach will not do the job.

* Clean your ventilation system: When black mold has invaded a home, there is a very good chance the spores have moved into the HVAC ducts. It is usually recommended that for complete black mold removal in Vista, the ducts be cleaned and sanitized. This is often done by a contractor who specializes in duct cleaning.

Dry and re-build: Once the black mold has been eliminated, the affected area must be left to completely dry out. If you begin re-building while the area is damp, you are only inviting a recurrence of the mold. A dehumidifier is an excellent device to use at this time. When the rebuilding process begins, use only brand new building material.

You must follow all of the steps in sequence, missing out on any of them will only defeat the purpose of killing the black mold that has invaded your home.

Black mold removal in Ashburn VA should be left to the experts. Call PMSi Mold Treatment Division, they have over 20 years experience is removing mold and restoring homes which have been water damaged.

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