How To Make the Air Conditioner in Your Home Better for Your Health

When it’s a hot day and you want nothing more than to go home and crank up your air conditioner in Palatine, the last thing you want to think about is dirty air. You’ve read about indoor air quality, and you wonder if yours provides clean air. You change the filters regularly. You have an AC checkup once per year. Is there anything else you can do to ensure good quality air in your home?¬†

UV Light for the AC

Yes, there is. The filters only catch about 95 percent of the allergens and bacteria entering your home. What you need is something at the source: the coils. This is where UV lights enter the picture. What are UV lights, and what do they do?

The air conditioner has two coils, one inside and one outside the air exchange. Inside the air exchange, it’s dark and wet. This is the perfect breeding ground for noxious germs. The fan blows all that into your house. A UV light bathes the coil in cleansing light and zaps the noxious germs before they can be blown indoors. Any asthmatics or allergy sufferers need UV lights in their air conditioner.

There are UV light systems that do more than bathe the coil in cleansing light. They use activated charcoal or carbon to remove noxious odors, volatile organic compounds, and chemical residue from being blown into the house.

Anything Else?

Make sure to have a heating and cooling professional test your house for radon gas and mold. Even healthy people without asthma or allergies suffer from these things. Have the ducts cleaned and check the crawl space for any problems, too.

Your health isn’t only important to you, it’s important to Five Star Heating & Air, Inc. When you need to improve your air conditioner and learn more about UV light for your AC in Palatine, contact Five Star Heating & Air, Inc.

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