How to Pick Your Replacement Windows and Doors

Your Naperville home may have as much holiday chill as it does holiday cheer. When your heating bills go through the roof, it may be time to consider replacement windows and doors that will make your home more energy efficient. However, replacing doors and windows can be expensive, and homeowners need to do their homework before deciding on which friends in which contractors they will use. Pick up some tips and tricks here for selecting your best replacement windows and doors, and the best contractor to handle the job. Window Tips When it comes to selecting windows, it’s best to go with an impartial recommendation such as Consumer Reports magazine. Consumer Reports testing is stringent, and they accept no advertising, so their impartiality is beyond question. For manufacturers, getting a recommendation from Consumer Reports is a coveted reputation booster. For homeowners, their buying guides are no-nonsense and easy to understand ways to make sure that you get the windows that you need. When it comes to paying for the expense of replacing doors and windows, you can look into financing from the contractor who will be doing the job or tap your home equity line of credit. There are also utility company rebates and tax credits available to homeowners who install energy efficient replacement windows. Finding Your Contractor Finding a contractor is a local game. One of the best places to start is by looking at online reviews on multiple sites. Start on the internet by seeking reviews from, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau. If you know someone who’s had their windows replaced, ask them which contractor they employed and what they thought of the work and the result. Finally, arrange for at least three contractors to estimate and bid on the job. Remember, bids should include all of the materials that will be used as well as a timeframe for completion. At the end of the job, you will have a more energy-efficient home and more holiday cheer all year round.

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