How to Properly Use Vibration Analysis in San Antonio

Machines and heavy equipment are indispensable to the daily operations of many firms and manufacturing concerns in the U.S. Constant care and maintenance of such equipment is imperative to ensure that they function optimally at all times. This is because sudden damage or downtime to the equipment can cost a company thousands of dollars per hour in lost sales and delayed orders.

Benefits of Vibration Analysis

Fortunately, advances in technology have prompted the development of vibration analysis techniques to help detect issues and faults in equipment. When it is done properly, vibration analysis allows technicians to assess the condition of a piece of equipment and take proactive steps to avoid failure. It is one of the most effective ways of minimizing downtime since any perceived anomaly in the equipment can be repaired during maintenance shutdowns. Vibration analysis is considered as one of the best methods of predictive maintenance and is a common technique used to test equipment in various industries.

Additional Capabilities and Automated Functions

Before recent innovations, vibration analysis in San Antonio required the technician to dial the instrument through its full spectrum to detect the frequencies that have the most prominent vibrations. Then, the technician took note of the peak frequencies, compared it with the equipment’s operating speed and checked the chart for likely faults. However, the latest vibration analyzing equipment (called vibration analyzers) come with additional capabilities and more automated functions.

Importance of Expert Operators

These analyzers show the complete vibration spectrum from the three axes at the same time…providing an overview of what is happening within the machine being tested. Despite these additional capabilities, even the most high-tech vibration analyzing equipment cannot provide accurate predictions by themselves: the services of an expert technician (who understands the fundamentals of vibration analysis) is needed to successfully operate the vibration analyzer.

The understanding of the theory behind vibration analysis is of utmost importance since it is this knowledge that helps the technician understand the readings gotten from the vibration analyzer. As such, it is recommended that firms who want to undertake Vibration Analysis in San Antonio use the services of professionals. They should contact Laser Precision since they have expert technicians who understand the basics of vibration analysis and are trained in the use of state-of-the-art vibration analysis equipment.

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