How to Secure Your Garage Door to Help Protect Against Break-Ins

Your home is your most significant financial investment containing those things and people that are most precious to you. As such, it is crucial to secure it as well as you can. One area of the home that is often overlooked when it comes to home security is the garage door. However, a garage door can be just as vulnerable as any other entry point if it is not properly secured by you or a garage door company in Melbourne, FL. Here, then, are a few tips to help make your garage door as secure as possible.

Fortify When Away

When you’re away for long periods, it’s important to take extra measures to secure your garage door. One way you can do this is by placing strong metal objects through the points in your garage door that align with the track to prevent the garage door from being opened. You can use large screwdrivers, metal rods, or small crowbars for this task. Though this isn’t an arrangement you want to normally use, as it can prevent a quick escape in an emergency, this is a great safety measure to put into place when your home is unoccupied.

No Remote Left Behind

The remote for your automatic garage door opener provides great convenience when you need to pull your car into the garage. However, if your vehicle is stolen, this opener also provides a great way for a thief to enter your home. That’s why, instead of leaving your garage door opener remote in your vehicle, it’s a good idea to use a keychain-based remote that you have with you at all times. That way, even if someone does steal your car, they’ll only have access to your car and not your home, as well.

Cover Your Windows

Garage doors that you obtain through a garage door company in Melbourne, FL, often include windows to let in natural light and add to the beauty of the door. However, these windows provide an easy opportunity for potential thieves to take a quick inventory of what you have in your garage. To prevent this easy access, then, it’s a good idea to either frost your windows or install curtains over your windows to keep the contents of your garage a secret to all except those who need to know.

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