How to select a good plumber

It is no surprise that there are horror stories floating around about plumbers who come to the house, spend 10 minutes replacing a washer or tightening a lose joint, sit and read the paper for the rest of the hour and then give the homeowner a hefty bill.

Obviously not all plumbers, or any tradesmen for that matter, are con-artists but the facts are sad; there is a shortage of skilled professionals and as such, the door has been left wide open for the unskilled, unscrupulous characters to walk in and take advantage of those who know no better. This has left the trade in tatters, no one knows if they are getting a professional or not. What can you do when your ankle deep in water and you need an excellent plumber in Anaheim?

If you can get a recommendation this is the best, but with so few good plumbers, and what few there are, very hard to find, it may be difficult to find a family member or friend who has found a great plumber. If this is the case, you will have to start your own search, assuming you have time to search.

If water is pouring into your room, you don’t have a lot of time to waste. The recommendations are twofold; head for your computer and start searching by area and get into the yellow pages. Although you are in a situation where you need help fast, don’t let the urgency of the situation stop you from making a few inquiries over the phone.

Find out how long the plumbers in Anaheim? has been in business and if they have a physical premise that anyone can visit. The first mark of a fly-by-night plumber is that he works from his home with no staff or facilities. A reputable plumber always has a business address.

Get some references that you can contact if you are inclined to do so. Ask for the names of people he has done work for, try to go back a year or so, this way you will know if his work holds up.

Find out if they have the proper insurance to cover any potential liability and workers comp.

Ask for their guarantee and find out if the guarantee is backed by an insurance policy in the event they go out of business
Once you think you may be close to making a selection, explain in as much detail as you can what the problem is. Ask for as close an estimate of the cost as he can give over the phone. Do this with a short-list of at least three plumbers. Ask for details of the call-out charges and whether they work on an hourly basis or by the job.

If you use a bit of common sense and ask a few leading questions, you stand a good chance of getting a qualified plumber in Anaheim.

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