How to Select Synthetic Grass in Miami

Tropical Turf in FL is noted for its amazing resemblance to natural grass. But, being a synthetic product, it also has the great advantage of easy maintenance. There are different functional and decorative models, which are adaptable to different areas and solutions as well. Even after all this, Synthetic Grass Miami FL is rugged, economical and easy to install and maintain.

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, artificial grass can also provide:

  • Format: There are different formats tailored to your needs. Precut rolls or coils.
  • Economic and resistant: This solution will save you water, time and money. Moreover, its features allow to remain in good condition throughout the year, as they are resistant to UV rays, chlorine, sea water and frost.
  • Easy maintenance: Artificial turf requires no treatment, no flame spread, no need to fill or irrigate. It doesn’t cause allergies and it produces no abrasions after contact either. It also has high wear resistance and is a durable product.

Models, uses and characteristics of artificial turf

Functional: This is indicated for installation on terraces, balconies and penthouses, as well as for low-traffic commercial use. Among its features are:

  • Height: Depending on the model, there are different heights ranging from 5-9 mm.
  • Drainage: There are those who do not have drainage and, yes, have with a capacity of about 30 liters per minute per square meter.
  • Color: They tend to be monochromatic.
  • Advantages: It’s the cheapest model, suitable for all budgets.

Decorative: This grass is suitable for attics, terraces, residential areas, gardens, natural surfaces and sports complexes. Features include:

  • Height: This type of grass can reach 20 to 40 mm.
  • Drainage: Most of the decorative style reaches a drainage capacity of 60 liters per minute per square meter.
  • Color: Bicolor and tricolor models are available.
  • Advantages: Softness and high density, excellent performance to tread to reach the feeling of being in a natural grass, freshness and comfort are just a few advantages.

Tropical Turf is resistant to time and weather changes (rain, snow, frost) is ideal for continuous and moderate use too. For more information contact your local lawn care provider today.

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