How to Select the Right Abrasives for Your Welding Operation

Choosing the right abrasive for your welding job can make a significant difference in the costs and output of your business. While you might be tempted to reach for whatever abrasive is nearby, this hasty decision can result in products with lower quality and an overall decrease in productivity. Fortunately, there are a few ways to decide which abrasive is the right choice for your welding operation. Experts in abrasives in Columbia, SC, are available if you need more professional help.

Choosing The Right Wheel

Each welding job will require an abrasive wheel designed to increase the optimization of grinding results. These abrasive wheels are traditionally made of one of the three following substances:

  1. Silicon carbide: Right for certain types of nonferrous metals, including bronze, copper, and aluminum
  2. Aluminum oxide: For use with high-tensile strength alloys or for ferrous metals
  3. Zirconia alumina: The best choice for high-torque grinders or severe application

Consider the Application and Abrasive Products

You may wish to use different types of abrasive products for different applications. For example, when you are welding, cut-off wheels work well for cutting sheet metal or notching pipe. They would not work well for grinding, pipe notching or heavy stock removal. For those applications, you would use a depressed center grinding wheel. Likewise, you will want to use specific abrasive products for blending welds, deburring welds, finishing, and polishing.

Three Measurements

When deciding which abrasive product is right for your operation, consider the following three measurements:

  1. Time to complete the project
  2. Material needing to be removed
  3. Product wear and tear

By comparing these three measurements, you can decide which method is right for your specific welding project.

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