How to Still Eat Healthy While at a Seafood Restaurant

There is nothing quite like a delicious and fresh meal at a quality seafood restaurant, but when you are counting calories or just trying to stick to a healthier diet, it can be a bit difficult choosing a dish that stays within your calorie requirements. That is why we at The Windlass wanted to put together this quick guide to help you make healthy choices that don’t ruin all your hard dieting work.

Salad Is Better Than Bread

Many seafood restaurants will start the table with a nice basket of fresh baked bread or rolls, but these empty carbs are a no go for those that are trying to maintain their waistline. Skip the bread basket, and order a fresh green salad instead. It is a great way to add vitamins and fiber to your diet while still keeping the calorie count low, so you can save it for the actual seafood! Just don’t forget to factor in the salad dressing; a vinaigrette dressing is usually the lowest calorie option.

Chowder Is Out

As delicious as a steaming bowl of clam chowder may be, it is definitely not conducive to your diet. All of the heavy, cream-based soups are full of fats and calories that will throw your diet out of whack. If you absolutely must get a bite of chowder while at your favorite seafood restaurant, try and steal one from your companion’s bowl or at the very least order the smallest portion the menu offers.

Go with Grilled or Broiled, Never Fried

As good as that delicious crunchy fried fish will taste, it won’t be worth the calorie intake in the end. Opt for the healthier option by ordering your fish grilled, broiled, or baked. Fish served in this manner is lower in calories, but still packs all of the flavor punch, especially if you get blackened or lemon pepper seasonings. There are many options on The Windlass menu that bring the flavor without bringing all the calories like the baked salmon or the grilled mahi mahi.

Split a Dessert

It is hard to go out to eat without enjoying that final course: dessert! However, after your salad and entree, you should already be well on your way to a full stomach. There is no need to have a dessert all to yourself! Keep your calorie count in check by sharing that piece of cake with your tablemates.

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